Hong Kong – Reflective and Nostalgia

June 14, 2019 2019 0

Growing up in the 90s, Hong Kong has always been special to me as I've been watching Hong Kong dramas & movies since I was young. I first visited the city back in 2015, and after 4 years, I revisited the same place. 4 years apart, there's nothing much changed. Hong Kong is still a lively & vibrant city, with energetic people, bustling traffic, and beautiful as usual.


Stunning view of Hong Kong (Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade)Stunning view of Hong Kong (Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade)


Back in 2015 when I first visited the city, one thing I dislike was the attitude of Hong Kong people (please bear with me for a few minutes...), I still remembered that one of the famous diary cafe in Hong Kong where the waiters are rude and impolite towards the customer. However, recently when I revisited the same place, I didn't feel any rudeness even though they still behave the same. Contrary, this time as a whole I felt that Hong Kong people are quite nice towards strangers. Why? Here's the story:

When I was in Hong Kong, coincidentally it's a Dragon Boat Festival. Lucky me, so I headed to Aberdeen's port to enjoy the Dragon Boat Racing. As expected, the area is full of people, and crowded everywhere. I was trying to find myself a good spot and take some nice photos. At one point of time, I was standing at the edge of a line of 'pro' photographers, next to a guy with big & expensive lenses. As a photographer myself, I was trying to adjust myself carefully so not to 'disturb' these pros. Haha. After some time, when the race started, I knew that I did block some of his line of sight and yet he didn't say anything nor did I feel any frustration from him. After some time, he even asked me to move a better position myself, so it'll be more comfortable to enjoy & take photos.


Dragon Boat Racing


With that experience, I realized that being mindful and be neutral in observing things are very important, and should avoid tendency to be judgmental in anything. It's all boiled down to the experiences. Simple things can be powerful, if we pay attention to it. Back to the dairy cafe, with the same behavior by those waiter, I didn't feel offended at all, and yet I felt that it's a unique culture and experiences. See, same thing or event if viewed from different angle can bring different perception & impacts.

Strolling around and taking some random shots in Hong Kong can be fun, because of the lively vibe in every corner of the city. There are all sort of emotions, feelings, effort and hard-work for all walks of life.


Hong Kong Street (Mong Kok)


Famous Instagram Spot (Choi Hung estate)


People haggling at somewhere near Temple Street


Iconic 'Hong Kong taxi' that can be seen everywhere in HKIconic 'Hong Kong taxi' that can be seen everywhere in HK


The city is still busy even at late eveningThe city is still busy even at late evening


Selling souvenir inside templeSelling souvenir inside temple


With more than 80% of the population being Buddhist/ Taoist, there're many temples in Hong Kong. While traveling in East Asia, I always love to visit local religious places (if allowed), as the atmosphere always evoke a strong but silent emotion.


Praying with incensePraying with incense


Hung Hom templeHung Hom temple


Chi Lin Nunnery (Hidden Gem in Hong Kong!)Chi Lin Nunnery (Hidden Gem in Hong Kong!)


Other than the people, another icon of Hong Kong is the Shoebox apartment. Example, some housing unit with around 100-sqft area will cost around 250K USD, which is ridiculously expensive.


Typical flats in Hong KongTypical flats in Hong Kong


Even though the living cost is high, there's not much choice left for the common Hong Kong people. Things still happened, and life goes on.Even though the living cost is high, there's not much choice left for the common Hong Kong people. Things still happened, and life goes on.


Roads bustling with trafficRoads bustling with traffic


Hong Kong show me the undying spirit in a tough life while at some point of time, to slow down and reflect things that is constantly happening around us.

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