Beijing – Historical rich city

January 07, 2017 2016 0

Beijing is one of the travel destination in my bucket list, because of its historical value and iconic landmarks like the Forbidden City and Great Wall of China. The most famous ones are the Forbidden City and Great wall of China. It’s hard to imagine how picturesque the place it is. When I was there, it’s an jaw-dropping experience as the architecture is pure magnificent. It’s definitely one of the greatest man-made buildings of all time.

Forbidden City main entrance – Wu Men (午门)

Forbidden City (Full of tourist)

Emperors’s throne lasted for few decades

There are many more hidden attractions in Beijing that worth the visit. For instance, there’s a place called Jing Shan Park, where you can see the entire Forbidden City in plain sight. Nearby the city centre, there’s a Tian Tan Garden, where the Chinese Altar for worshiping purpose.

View from Jing Shan Park (景山公园)

Tian Tan Garden (天坛公园)

Locals playing card game in the compound of Tian Tan Garden

Beautiful path nearby Tian Tan Garden

Due to historical conflicts, Great Wall of China is divided in few different sections. Beijing is one of the famous city which has close proximity to multiple different sections of Great Wall. Each offering different kind of view. I opted the a section call Jin Shan Ling (金山岭)which is further away from the city, with less crowded people.



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